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Be Wary of the Hazards of Mouth Jewelry

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To ensure your smile receives the shine it needs, always look for new ways to improve your oral health care. Not only should you be practicing effective treatments and restoration methods to improve the look of your teeth and keep your teeth safe from further problems and issues, but you also need to improve your oral hygiene care to minimize the risks that may arise. Furthermore, assess any bad habits in your life that could be putting your teeth and gums at risk, including the use of mouth jewelry.

Our dentist, Dr. Esperanza A. Rodriguez and our team understand that many people view mouth jewelry as a form of self-expression and  consists of lip or tongue rings. However, as cool as they may seem, they can put your teeth and gums at several oral health risks. The hard pieces we associate with mouth jewelry can break off in your mouth and lead to choking hazards. Furthermore, they can slide around in your mouth and chip and crack your teeth. In addition, allergic reactions have been known to develop due to the substances used and can cause your tongue to swell up or cause other problems associated with a hypersensitivity to metals or other substances. Other common risks associated with mouth jewelry include failures to clean your smile properly and an increased risk for infectious diseases such as endocarditis.

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